Bodhi is Antwerp based. Antwerp: fashion city and starting place of the Tour of Flanders. Bodhi grew out of a preference for creative design, passion for cycling and a sense of group feeling.

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For us, cycling together is pedaling in style, riding together through the landscape as a team. Taking each other in tow, with exhausting climbs and sizzling descents. Experiencing adventures with your comrades.

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From this conviction, based on my own experience, the Flemish bicycle-fashionbrand Bodhi was born: customer-oriented, tasteful and with an eye for details.

Our team

At the end of the day, it's the people that make the difference. The Bodhi team considers itself as a smooth rattling bicycle chain, where every element is ready to assist you and your team. We will keep going until you are completely satisfied with the design and you can ride together in style.


Office mastermind 

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Design mermaid 

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Lucca & Duncan


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Whether you’re the secretary of a cycling club with 500 members or ride with 5 friends:

We have your back — from start to finish.

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