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Great bib shorts are the key to comfort — whether it’s for long rides on Sunday mornings or road racing. We’ve spend 532 days testing, developing and improving. The result? BODHI 532 bib shorts. In short: if you’re riding frequently, you’ll want to have a couple of these bib shorts in your closet.


Bodhi 532 Zeem

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Alessandro and Bodhi joined their forces to develop the chamois for the Bodhi 532 bib shorts. This Italian from Treviso is the personification of passion for a product. In the past he crafted master pieces for Castelli (kiss pad), Craft and Endura. Thanks to his constant dedication, we created this top product about which we are very proud of.

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Whether you’re the secretary of a cycling club with 500 members or ride with 5 friends:

We have your back — from start to finish.

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