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We work exclusively with Bluesign certified fabric suppliers from Italy and Spain to leverage the knowledge and skills accumulated over many years in these regions.

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M.I.T.I. - Manifattura Italiana Tessuti Indemagliabili S.p.A

M.I.T.I. was founded in 1931 by the Polli family, who have been at the helm ever since. M.I.T.I. continues to distinguish themselves in the market and is especially valued for their meticulous attention to ensuring the highest performing products and service quality. M.I.T.I. is known for its elastic fabrics, which can be found in products such as short sleeve jersey, mid-season and bib shorts.

- Bluesign certified

- Oeko-tex cerfified

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Taiana, based in Como, Italy, has been making high-performance woven fabrics since its founding in 1933. With a reputation for high quality and cutting-edge fabric, Taiana has developed their Kinetech™ range to create the best possible performance in sportswear at the highest level. Taina fabrics can be found in our bib shorts.

- Iso 14001

- Oeko-tex certified

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Founded in 1984 in Verona, Platotex specializes in the technical sports sector, thanks to the creation and in-house production of Tek Series® and Airtek® membranes, offering high technological and performance products. Platotex fabrics can be found in our windbreaker and winter jackets.

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Sportwear Argentona

SPW Fabrics was founded in Barcelona in 1997. They specialize in the production of round synthetic fabrics based on polyester, polyamide, elastane and SPW fabrics can be found in our windbreaker.

- Oeko-Tex 100 Class I.

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