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Become a Bodhi ambassador

Apply and join the Bodhi-family of cyclist, entrepreneurs, artists, creatives and change-makers.

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We developed this program to start a strong pack of passionate cyclists, entrepreneurs, artists, creatives and change-makers. We like to reward the efforts of those authentic people who love to create memories and bring a smile to each other's faces. Ride together in style.


  • A brand ambassador is one who loves the brand. One who is excited to wear our products and tell their network of friends and family about it. Not just a random Insta influencer.
  • Be a passionate and motivated role model, sharing encouragement and support with other ambassadors
  • Let us know what you think about your items and help us to make constant improvements
  • Post at least 2 high quality pieces of content every month wearing Bodhi clothing
  • Try to bring us in contact with local group of friends, clubs and companies so we can tell them our story and present the collection

Bodhi ambassador man


  • Deliver “wow” through creative designs
  • Create fun and a little bit of weirdness
  • Build open and honest relationships through communication
  • Be passionate, active and humble. Do not just “follow”
  • Access to Dashboard to view your own statistics and track your Bodhi efforts
  • Collect badges and upgrade your Bodhi-membership
    • 1 Bodhi badge: Design your own free custom shirt
    • 2 Bodhi badges: free custom bib short
    • 3 Bodhi badges: join us for free at a Bodhi training camp
  • Discounts for your friends and family
  • Get invited for exclusive events, photoshoots and Bodhi boardroom

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Whether you’re the secretary of a cycling club with 500 members or ride with 5 friends:

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