Bodhi 532

This bib-short concept revolves around the success of its pad that was intensely valued by Bodhi on the grounds of its excellent breathability. This was reached with the Foam Carving Technology that removes unnecessary foam from the sides. The high comfort is created by avoiding the aggressive transitions between the different densities.

Special attention was also given to the crotch area that now hosts a new technology which allows additional comfort to the private parts, increasing the blood flow and decreasing the sense of fatigue.

Bodhi's pad is built with the same method and technologies of the most used chamois of professional teams like Orica Green Edge, Movistar and other professional teams who want to overtake hard challenges in the most comfortable way.

Those teams have chosen the 120 kgs density foam and the Wave Body Contour design that is becoming very popular to the experienced athletes.

In the same way, the new Bodhi bib-shorts is able to fit the same high performed chamois, that's now especially customized for you.